Your very own chocolatiere - Leah Vass

Ta Bouche ("Your Mouth") is my target customer but you taste first with your eyes.

I believe chocolate should be as beautiful as it tastes!

(Photo courtesy of Laurie Gordon)

Ta Bouche Chocolate Couture

Custom chocolates and showpieces for events, weddings, or any reason to celebrate!

Let us create chocolate for you and your guests to savor and remember



Don't lose your head... it's La Catrina in Chocolate for Dia de los Muertos

for Soledad                           

Day of the Dead La Catrina Chocolate Dia de los Muertos

The scent of chocolate is in the air...a gilded art deco chocolate perfume bottle!

for Liz                       

The game is art deco style pastillage showpiece


A gift from the east...a white chocolate "ivory" box with cardamom ganache center

for Liz                     

Chocolate for play...a chocolate Mah Jongg set filled with coconut

for Irene               

When the gift is worth giving...the presentation counts!

for Autumn               

The Ta Bouche Chocolate Club 

By the week or by the month, we offer a changing assortment of exclusive flavors. 

We will keep your palate delighted! 

Perfect for sharing at a party!

Chocolate Club Box 

Or savoring one by one

Chocolate Club Box 

Your very own box!

If only this screen were scratch and sniff...chocolate!

Tempering in small batches by the marble slab method...isn't it glorious?

Name of Person

Every piece created and finished by hand

We bring good taste to Art!

Ta Bouche Chocolate Couture